An Inspired Sea Glass Necklace

Inspired Sea Glass Necklace

When I was a kid, I was awed by the Asian hairpins with floral designs on the ends of wires that bobbled with movement, not to mention the ancient Greek jewelry that worked on the same principle – that kind of movement with tension must appeal to something universal.  My modern take on that with sea glass jewelry is to create a vertical loop pendant that seems to defy gravity while still being cohesive with the overall necklace.

Casually Elegant – a sea glass necklace for everyday events

Spiral Sea Glass Detail

Spiral Sea Glass Detail

Not every occasion calls for the opulence of the red carpet (although if you’re so inclined you’ve got my support!) For that evening out with friends, a night at the theater or a casually dressy date there is the casually elegant sea glass necklace – a little more formal than a pendant and dressier than you might wear to work so you’ll feel elegant, special, and unique.

Spiral Seaglass Necklace

Spiral Sea Glass Necklace

The beauty of brown

Sea glass pendant

Sea glass earrings

Brown is the decided underdog of sea glass, probably because it’s most often associated with beer bottles even though there are a lot of different sources. It’s the color most people don’t bother to bend over to pick up – which I shouldn’t complain about as it leaves more for me to find. When it comes to sea glass jewelry brown is a decided asset – a rich translucent neutral that works with just about every other color and can really make them pop. While it can be a bit tricky to photograph it’s like working with chocolate!