Juliet Chase is a jewelry artist specializing in one of a kind sea glass designs. She is native of the Pacific Northwest and currently lives in the Seattle area. Juliet has always drawn inspiration for her jewelry designs from the shapes and colors of the beach and delights in finding the perfect design and customer for each piece of found treasure. Some of her earliest memories are of walking the beaches of Puget Sound with her mother and sister; tickling the anemones in tide pools and learning about beach glass. The kids were taught to throw the pieces back that weren’t yet perfectly polished – early lessons in patience, sharing, and abundance.

She began experimenting with sea glass while taking a metal-smithing class several years ago. Like most ardent beach combers there were several pieces in a drawer just waiting for the perfect project. The compliments and questions from those initial pieces were so encouraging that Juliet then began developing the technique into a full line of earrings, pendants, and necklaces. Because each piece of sea glass (or beach glass as some prefer) is genuine, shaped by the sand and waves of the ocean, there are no two pieces alike and no two pieces of jewelry are identical.

Juliet frequently uses bronze in her designs because its ancient rustic look pairs so well with the tumbled shapes and textures of the glass. She treats each piece of sea glass as a unique gemstone – creating designs and settings to show it off as the rare creation of humans and nature that it is. She is currently working on expanding her audience beyond the Seattle area and divides her time between jewelry, photography, and writing.

You can contact Juliet by email or visit her other personas at www.julietchase.com

How to Buy

See something you love?

Because each piece is one of a kind I don’t have this site set up for direct ordering (that necklace you like might also be for sale at a show that weekend resulting in two buyers but only one necklace…) However I am happy to work with you directly and can quickly and easily arrange sales through PayPal as needed. Please use the Contact link in the menu above to let me know what caught your eye and I will get back to you as soon as possible with availability and a price. If you are curious about similar items that might be in the back room, let me know that as well and I will see what else I have in stock. Items ship with insurance and signature required.
To give you a general idea about prices, the general range is:
Earrings $35-$175
Pendants $30 – $150
Necklaces $150-$600

If you are a gallery owner or retailer

Again, because these are one of a kind pieces it’s not feasible to offer bulk discounts but I can work with you on a limited wholesale/consignment arrangement. Please let me know your preferred terms and I will get back to you as soon as possible.